Regenerative By Nature Revolutionary by Design
Harnesses the digestive power of worms and microbes to remove up to 99% of contaminants from your wastewater and convert your waste stream into regenerative revenue streams.
How it works
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Got Worms?

Yup, millions. These hearty creatures are key to our system´s success. As the hungry worms move throughout our system in search of food, they create air channels and thus passive aerate the system. Oxygen is a key component to wastewater treatment and while most technologies require a lot of energy to push air through water, our hungry worms are doing naturally. As the worms eat, they poop. Worm castings are extremely rich in microbes and bacteria which work symbiotically and beneficially together to form a biofilm that grows throughout the wood shavings and rocks. A biofilm is a sticky layer comprised of billions of microbial colonies which captures, retains, and breaks down waste.

Sustainability in Action

BioFiltro employs nature’s most effective cleaners, earthworms and micro-organisms, to enable clients to achieve profitable sustainability. Meet discharge requirements while minimizing wastewater management expenses, acreage used for land application, or industrial sewage discharge bills with our biofiltration process. 

Capable of processing millions of gallons per day, the BIDA® System uses up to 95% less energy than traditional wastewater treatment methods to deliver water that is ready for reuse, crop irrigation, or apt for tertiary disinfection. 

BioFiltro engineers custom design each BIDA® System to cater to the particular needs of each client. The modular design can meet individual household needs or that of multimillion gallon per day industrial clients. 

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  • Energy Efficient: Passive aerobic process averages 0.0007 kWh/gallon treated. 
  • Maximize Return: Reduce industrial sewage bills or acreage needed in land application. 
  • Chemical Free: Eliminate expenditure and use of harmful chemicals. 
  • Sludge Free: The biomass converts waste overtime into nutritious castings. 
  • Guaranteed Effluent Quality: Custom design systems to meet discharge requirements. 
  • Proven: 26 years of operation including in the Atacama Desert and on Antarctica
Royal Dairy receives 2018 U.S. Dairy Sustainability Award for its BioFiltro System

How it works

How Does the BIDA® System Work?

The BIDA® System is a bioreactor that utilizes both physical and biological processes to provide secondary treatment. Physical filtration is provided by system medias which also cultivate a rich biomass of bacteria and worms for biological filtration. 

Telemetry Monitoring & Control

Using a network of sensors and control panels, BioFiltro remotely tracks system performance and water quality parameters.  Adjustments to system loadings can be made over the cloud to guarantee optimum performance. 

Primary Treatment

Solid separators are installed to prevent large solids from reaching the BIDA® System. Captured organic solids are transferred to secondary vermicomposting bins while water flows into an equalization tank where sensors monitor constituents such as pH and flow while bacteria is added as a nutritional supplement.

BioFiltration Layers

An automated irrigation system disperses wastewater across the entire surface of the BIDA® System. Gravity pulls the water through layers of wood shavings and river cobble before final discharge. Due to the rapid 4 hour process, the bioreactor is virtually odorless and requires minimum storage capacity. 

Earthworms & Microbial Bacteria

BioFiltro inoculates the surface of plant with an industry specific mix of worms and bacteria to achieve maximum reduction efficiencies on parameters such as BOD, TSS, FOG, Total Nitrogen, TDS, Ammonia, and Phosphorus. The burrowing worms create air channels, digest suspended solids, and can achieve densities of 12,000 worms per cubic yard. For seasonal clients, the biomass survives off of the carbon based wood shavings during the off season. 

Sustainable & Natural Byproducts

BioFiltro´s patented BIDA® System enable clients to filter water onsite, converting wastewater into a reusable asset and contaminants into a natural and nutritious fertilizer with high microbial count.