BioFiltro is an international wastewater filtration company with offices in the United States of America, New Zealand, and Chile. Our mission is to provide filtration systems that repurpose waste streams into valuable revenue streams, recover natural resources, and revitalize the environment in which our clients operate.
    Work with us
  • United States
    13 Plants
  • Chile
    111 Plants
  • New Zealand
    9 Plants
  • Spain
    7 Plants
  • Brazil
    5 Plants
  • México
    2 Plants
  • Peru
    1 Plant
  • Australia
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Our Results
  • 170
    Plants Worldwide
  • 25
    Years of Research and Development
  • 2.8
    Billion Gallons Treated in 2017
  • 6
    Industries Served
  • 8
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BioFiltro offers comprehensive services in the design, installation, start up, and maintenance of turn key systems which include:

  • Full System Start Up: BioFiltro technicians stay on site until a new plant processes the full GPD and averages the targeted removal efficiency levels. 

  • Telemetry Monitoring: BioFiltro's central office maintains a pulse on all systems via a network of telemetry sensors, controls, and dashboards. 

  • Performance Guarantee:  Instead of offering equipment warranties, BioFiltro goes a step beyond and guarantees target effluent water quality parameters.
  • Annual Maintenance: BioFiltro implements annual maintenance tasks to ensure that your plant is always running at its optimum peak level.