BioFiltro was founded with the intention to revolutionize the way people perceive wastewater. More than just engineering and selling water filtration systems, we set out to demonstrate that natural digestive processes, refined by billions of years of research and development, offer not only compelling stories, but also efficient and cost effective water treatment solutions. 

At the current rate, it is estimated that by 2025, two thirds of the world´s population may face water shortages. Simultaneously, agriculture accounts for 92% of global freshwater consumption and, due to increasing regulations and resource scarcity, companies are spending more each year on freshwater acquisition. Here in California, water is imported from neighboring states in attempt to meet local demand. Our motivation is to implement water filtration systems that reduce dependency on precious freshwater sources and improve the environment in which our clients operate. 
BioFiltro´s patented BIDA® System enable clients to filter water onsite, converting wastewater into a reusable asset and contaminants into a natural and nutritious fertilizer. Thanks to the tireless dedication of our microbes and worms, our natural systems function 24/7 yet consume up to 95% less energythan traditional wastewater systems. Quite simply, our clients make cents out of sustainability.
Fetzer Vineyardsas part of their dedication to become Water Positive in its operations, has chosen to replace the aeration ponds at their Hopland, CA winery with our BIDA® System. Slated to process the upcoming harvest, BioFiltro will enable Fetzer to reutilize up to 15 million gallons of water, reduce their energy consumption by 1 million kWh, and produce up to 750 cubic yards of castings each year.

We here at BioFiltro are honored that Fetzer, a pioneer in regenerative winemaking, has chosen to put our system and worms at the forefront of their water initiative. 


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