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And the BIDA® System will remove up to 99% of water contaminants in a chemical and sludge free process while using up to 95% less energy than traditional systems. Make cents out of sustainability.
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Applications Worldwide
With plants operating in Patagonian national parks, on the frozen tundra of Antarctica, and in Atacama Desert, the driest desert in the world, BioFiltro has experience engineering, building, and maintaining facilities in even the most extreme and remote places of the world. Our modular technology has processed billions of gallons of liquid waste for clients ranging in size from 100 GPD to 2MGD.
Catalyze Natural Processes
After conducting extensive research, Charles Darwin noted the incredible digestive power of the earthworm, and stated that they enhance microbial activity while promoting healthy soil formation and humus generation. "Without the work of this humble creature," Darwin stated, "agriculture, as we know it, would be very difficult, if not wholly impossible." The BIDA® System capitalizes upon the symbiotic harmony of earthworms and bacteria to deliver a biofiltration system that incorporates physical and biological filtration, aerobic and anaerobic medias, and nitrification and denitrification processes.

Our Removal Efficiencies

For over a quarter of a century, our standard BIDA® System has averaged the following removal efficiencies:

  • ≥ 90% Biological Oxygen Demand
  • ≥ 90% Total Suspended Solids
  • ≥ 70% Total Nitrogen
  • ≥ 90% Oil & Grease
  • ≥ 30% Phosphorus

Nature Needs Room

To provide prospect clients with a customized system quotation and footprint estimate, BioFiltro needs to understand:

  • Influent Water Quality Parameters: BOD, TSS, pH, and, if relevant, Total Nitrogen, Oil & Grease, Phosphorus, and Ammonia. 
  • Daily Flow: Seasonal or variable clients are asked to provide peak average GPD and annual average GPD. 
  • Target Effluent Water Quality Parameters:  Standard systems remove > 90% of BOD & TSS but please indicate specific discharge limits if applicable.
  • Pre-Existing Infrastructure: As BioFiltro custom designs and builds, our engineers can build off pre-existing wastewater infrastructure to reduce installation costs. 

For clients who need to achieve stringent discharge limits, BioFiltro can complement our systems with tertiary disinfection. 

Flexible Financing Options

For qualified clients, BioFiltro offers a lease-to-own model in which BioFiltro finances the plant construction and charges a fixed flat annual fee. In doing so, the client incurs zero risk and enjoys a more comprehensive performance guarantee.