Torres del Paine National Park Patagonia, Chile
The Problem

Torres del Paine National Park's Los Cuernos Cabins and Camping facility is located along the famous W Circuit and is accessible only by foot or horseback. The pre-existing septic tank facility that handled the campgrounds' showers, toilets, and restaurant effluent was under strain as increased tourism called for facility expansion. Coupled with stringent federal and National Park subsurface groundwater and water resource protection laws, a closed system was needed. 

The BioFiltro Solution

Without the ability to bring in any heavy machinery or equipment to the remote section of the Patagonian National Park, the BIDA® System was constructed using only local timber and materials. Effluent from the BIDA System, rather than being discharged to a leach field, is reutilized in toilets, creating a closed system that protects the natural surroundings. 

The Results
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    Gallons Filtered in 2015
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    Total Gallons Filtered