Aonair Wines Saint Helena, CA
The Problem

Grant Long Jr., the proprietor and wine maker of Aonair Wines, purchased the facility that is today known as Aonair when it was in need of renovation and repair. One of the major focal points was wastewater and finding an economically viable system upgrade away from the previously employed method of septic and hold and haul. While researching various onsite wastewater treatment solutions, Grant was particularly drawn to the simplicity of a worm powered solution that was cost effective and required little maintenance from his end. Additionally, as Aonair Wines was going through various renovations, Grant utilized our Wastewater As A Service model so that he could focus his money and time on his core product. 

The BioFiltro Solution

One of fundamental requirements for BioFiltro's BIDA® System at Aonair was that it could constantly deliver water that complied with Napa County's strict regulations for reuse on the vineyard via drip irrigation. In order to do so, BioFiltro engineered a two pass system, in which effluent gravity feeds from the winery into an existing lift station where it is then pumped uphill to a small equalization tank located next to our system. All effluent is pumped through one tank, which we refer to as BIDA® First Pass, gravity feeds into a collection tank below ground, and is then pumped into BIDA® Second Pass. Effluent from the second pass can either gravity feed into storage tanks or be pumped directly to the drip irrigation system of the vineyard. 


The Results

To be able to reuse winery process water in drip irrigation in Napa County, BOD5 must be below 160 mg/l while TSS must be below 80 mg/l. Even during harvest, a time in which influent water is strongest, our system averages <10 mg/l for both BOD5 and TSS. Total treatment time is less than 8 hours and the system requires a total of two 1/2 HP pumps that operate, on average, 10 - 15% of the day to power the entire treatment process. 


  • 99%
    Average BOD5 Removal Efficiency
  • 99%
    Average TSS Removal Efficiency
  • 1 HP
    Total Horsepower Installed
It has a really great feel to know that the land was here long before you arrived, the land will be here long after you're gone, and yet the footprint you leave will be much smaller than with a different wastewater system.
Grant Long Jr. , Proprietor & Winemaker