AgroFoods Malloa, Chile
The Problem

Agrofoods Central Valley S.A. is one of the largest and most diversified food processors in Chile. The facility exports fruit cups, canned fruits, jams, and tomato sauces for private label, food service companies, and large industrial customers.

Before 2010, the production facility spent hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on energy to operate an anaerobic digestor and activated sludge system which, due to high BOD levels and seasonal loadings, failed to deliver high quality effluent. In 2010, Agrofoods embarked on a phased implementation of the BIDA® System by first installing a 500,000 GPD facility. After 1 season of operation, Agrofoods recognized the immense energy savings that the system provided and increased capacity to 2 million gallons per day.

Agrofoods is BioFiltro's largest plant to date, operates for only 4 months a year, and discharges its effluent to an irrigation canal. 

The BioFiltro Solution

BioFiltro designed an innovative biological solid separator to capture peach fuzz fibers. To supplement the system during the 8 months of off season, BioFiltro trickles down the captured fuzz while maintaining a minimum humidity level in the bed. 

The Results
  • 93%
    Average BOD Removal Efficiency
  • 1.7B
    Total Gallons Recycled
  • 238M
    Gallons Recycled Each Year
The benefit of the BIDA® System compared to the anaerobic digestor and activated sludge is, first of all, the tremendous energy savings. It is also aligned with the world’s greatest need as it is both the right and cost effective way to do business. Visitors are captivated as they cannot believe that worms and bacteria are replacing the work of chemicals and machines.
Juan Manuel Ugarte, Production Manager, AgroFoods