Royal Dairy Royal City, Washington, USA
The Problem

Royal Dairy is a large dairy built in 2001 with 15,000 head and 7,000 milking cows. The Allred family strives to be progessive in every area of operation and have successfully positioned Royal Dairy as a leader in sustainability in Washington State. On the search for processes that can improve sustainability, Royal was seeking for technologies that are more effective in capitalizing upon the essential nutrients of dairy flush effluent to convert waste into a beneficial byproduct. 


The BioFiltro Solution

Royal Dairy executed a phased implementation in which BioFiltro first designed and installed a 10,000 GPD system to enable the client to test not only its performance with their lagoon water, but also system viability for the cold winter. 

The Results
  • 95%
    Highest Total Nitrogen Removal
  • 29°F
    Average Exterior Winter Temperature
  • 80%
    Average Total Nitrogen Removal
This is the first system that we found that could provide an economical and efficient solution capable of cleaning our green water. The simplicity of using worms and biology is brilliant.
Austin Allred, Owner, Royal Dairy