Chilean Air Force Base Eduardo Frei Fildes Peninsula, Antarctica
The Problem

Located on the south peninsula of King George Island, the Eduardo Frei Air Force base is located not only at the end of the earth, but where basic infrastructure is limited. In 2006, in search of a way to treat the sanitary waste from the base camp, the Chilean Air Force reached out to BioFiltro's co-founder Alex Villagra  with a challenge - provide biological wastewater treatment on a frozen continent. 

The BioFiltro Solution

To protect the BIDA System against violent winds and snow banks, the facility is housed in an unheated shed. While exterior temperatures may be subzero, the biological activity of the BIDA® System actually warms the building to create a refuge for visitors. 


Plant SupervisorPlant Supervisor for Antarctic Facility

The Results
  • 15
    Years in Operation
  • 8M
    Gallons Filtered Last Year
  • 4
    Penguin Visitors