Mostos Del Pacifico Curicó, Chile
The Problem

Mostos del Pacífico is a large grape juice concentrate and wine facility that processes more than 110,000,000 tons of grapes per year. The facility previously employed a hold and haul process by contracting waste haulers to transport their discharge to a local municipal plant. As production was limited by wastewater storage capacity and transport costs rose into the hundreds of thousands,  Mostos looked for an economical and comprehensive wastewater treatment provider. 

The BioFiltro Solution

Within 90 days of being awarded the bid, BioFiltro commissioned a fully operable 75,000 GPD facility that included the design, construction, and operation of screens, a chemical-free DAF, and the BIDA® System. The facility was recently expanded to filter approximately 100,000 GPD and handles 100% of the plant´s effluent which fluctuates in BOD throughout the production season.

All large organic solids captured in the screens and DAF are treated onsite in secondary vermicomposting bins, effectively making the facility a zero waste system. 

The Results
  • 90
    Days from Signed Contract to Plant Coming Online
  • 0
    Chemicals Used in the DAF
  • 0
    # of Waste Hauler Trucks Currently In Use