Faenagro Chile
The Problem

In the early 2000s, Chilean authorities introduced strict wastewater discharge requirements that required Faenagro, a boutique beef and pork slaughterhouse, to install a wastewater treatment system capable of producing water quality apt for discharge to open waters. While many other boutique slaughterhouses went under due to the costly new ruling, Faenagro found a cost-effective and compliant solution with BioFiltro. 

The BioFiltro Solution

BioFiltro's BIDA® Systems easily average >90% removal in BOD, TSS and Oil & Grease. However, in order to deliver a system that would guarantee continued compliance and peace of mind, BioFiltro installed a double pass system in which effluent is passed through two BIDA® Systems to effectively reduce >90% of water contaminants in each stage. 

The Results
  • 15 mg/L
    Average BOD
  • 11 mg/L
    Average TSS
  • 20 mg/L
    Average TN
We have used the BIDA® System for 15 years and it has never ceased to produce high quality effluent compliant with our very strict discharge requirements. As a chemical free system that requires little daily maintenance, BioFiltro is a great investment.
Joaquin Gonzalez, Owner, Faenagro Slaughterhouse