The BIDA® System provides a cost-effective liquid waste solution to help dairy owners exceed nitrogen, phosphorus and ammonia management goals. Because of its rapid filtration process, the BIDA® system reduces risk of greenhouse gases, mitigates odors, and eliminates sludge generation typically incurred with lagoon treatment systems.
Improve Nutrient Management

Common practice in wastewater management for dairies and livestock is to separate solids and use the liquid waste to irrigate crops. Excess nitrogen, however, results in groundwater contamination and/or poor crop yield which has caused authorities to implement nutrient management plans to to curb environmental damage. BioFiltro’s BIDA® system effectively reduces the amount of Total Nitrogen and Ammonia present in dairy effluent by ≥70% and Phosphorus by ≥30%, enabling clients to make efficient and controlled nutrient application.

Solids Separation

Proper solid separation is a key factor to success, and thus the greatest challenge, in BioFiltro’s liquid management solutions for dairies and livestock. BioFiltro engineers will work with the client to understand what, if any, pre-existing infrastructure exist, and install primary separators such as rotatory screens and/or DAF systems to guarantee that the influent water quality never clogs our irrigation systems.