Sanitary Waste
Cost effective, decentralized and sustainable treatment solution for sanitary waste needs.
Experts in Decentralizing Demand

The first BIDA® System was a 13,000 GPD sanitary waste facility built in 1995 and since then, BioFiltro has amassed vast experience in provided closed system wastewater treatment to the residential and municipal plant sector. Whether we replace single unit septic system or provide centralized wastewater treatment for entire rural communities, the BIDA® System provides its users with safe, reliable, and effective sanitary wastewater management solutions. 

Empowering Local Communities

Approximately 50% of our plants process sanitary waste and, of that, we service many towns, communities, and parks that otherwise have no access to basic utilities. By providing complete wastewater treatment including tertiary disinfection, clients are able to reutilize the water to irrigate landscape, crops, and residential parks to become a more self-reliant and sustainable community.