Discharge rich in fats, oil, and grease may clog other systems but, for BioFiltro, it creates the optimum diet for our bioreactor and yields our most vibrant and robust biomass. Nitrogen is reduced by an average of 70% and converted to nutrient rich casting.
Protein and Nutrient Rich Discharge

Wastewater from corrals, slaughter, meat processing, and rendering stations contains an abundance of protein, nitrogen, fats, oils and grease - parameters on which the BIDA® System thrives. Our bioreactor is capable of handling a blend influent streams and can be designed to bring your BOD, TSS and Total Nitrogen down to double digits within 4 hours. 

Energy Efficient Solution

BIDA® System consumes up to 95% less energy than traditional wastewater technologies while delivering the same, if not better, removal rates. Many clients are able to receive substantial credits and incentives from their local utility company while self gen clients are able to recapture kW for use with other infrastructure.

  • Intermittent Continuous Flow Process: Most wastewater technologies require energy 24/7. The BIDA® System pumps activate only when your facility discharges and, due to the intermittent irrigation schedule, typically demand energy for a total of 8 hours. 
  • Low Energy Requirement: BioFiltro engineers design plants to optimize gravity fed processes to not only minimize energy demand, but also increase system reliability. Minimum horsepower is needed to operate and typical plants consume 0.0007 kWh/gallon treated.