Fanelli Dairy Hilmar, California, USA
El Problema

BioFiltro partnered with Sustainable Conservation to demonstrate the BIDA® System's applicability to the dairy industry and, in 2015, inaugurated our first US commercial scale facility. The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service provided a $483,950 dollar grant to help finance the project and air and water studies executed by the University of California Davis, Denele Analytical Labs, as well as an economic feasibility study by the California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. The project goal was to observe the BIDA® System's potential to protect groundwater from nitrogen overload via its removal efficiency of Total Nitrogen from dairy lagoon water. 

La Solución BioFiltro

90% of solids in dairy liquid waste is smaller than 50µm, thereby requiring effective biological systems for solid separation. BioFiltro pulls water from the dairy lagoon, passes it through a rotatory screen, hydrocylones, and wood shavings filter before pumping it across the BIDA® System. The facility averages 70% removal in Total Nitrogen and its effluent is recycled back through the flush lanes. 

Los Resultados
  • 70%
    Average Total Nitrogen Removal
  • 3
    # University Studies Executed
  • 15,000
    Gallons Per Day
Our research showed that BioFiltro's vermiculture dairy manure technology reduces atmospheric nitrogen losses by 90%. After studying the microbiology, we now know that denitifiers take various nitrogen compounds and convert them to atmospheric nitrogen (N2). Great technology.
Dr. Frank Mitloehner , Air Quality Specialist