Interstate 5 Highway Interchange Firebaugh, CA, USA
El Problema

The Interstate 5 Highway Interchange located in Fresno County (Exit 368) is home to a handful of fast food restaurants, gas stations and one hotel located in remote farm fields. After decades of using an old activated sludge system, the area was in need of an upgrade, so the property owners researched several options. 

La Solución BioFiltro

In 2015, I-5 Property Services Inc. opted to install a pilot BIDA® System in order to test the technology during the holiday season where usage of the interchange peaks due to increased road traffic over Thanksgiving and December holiday vacation. Shortly after the holidays, I-5 Property Services moved to install an 80,000 GPD BIDA® System in 2016.

Los Resultados

The system reached the milestone of 1 million gallons of wastewater treated in the first four months of operation and will hit 2 million during the summer of 2017. 

  • 80
    Thousand Gallons Maximum Daily Flow Design
  • 3
    Million Gallons Treated to Date
  • 9
    Businesses Serviced
In our quest to find a solution to improve and expand our effluent water treatment plant at Interstate 5 and Highway 180, which services hotels, gas stations and fast food restaurants, there were several conventional options. BioFiltro offered the most innovative, cost-effective and environmentally superior method with the BIDA® System. We have been delighted with the process and productivity the system provides. Truly the perfect choice.
Darla Harrel, Vice President, I-5 Property Services, Inc.