Peltier Winery and Vineyards Lodi, CA
El Problema

Rodney and Gayla Schatz, third generation grape growers, purchased their first vineyard in 1985 and built a winery in Lodi 2001 as a custom crush facility producing premium wines to wineries both large and small. Over the years, Peltier has grown to become a regional power house in producing bulk, custom crush, and private label wines. Yet as the winery grew, so did its wastewater volume and treatment needs. When BioFiltro met Peltier, the winery was relying on aeration lagoons, chemicals, and bacteria for their wastewater needs which proved to be costly, energy intensive, and inefficient. A primary factor of concern were odors as neighbors were complaining during harvest season. 

La Solución BioFiltro

BioFiltro pitched a design model in which Peltier purchased the design, start up, and maintenance services from BioFiltro but, using equipment from their family farm business, built the system to specifications. Once the infrastructure was completed, we installed our telemetry monitoring system and inoculated the system with worms and microbes. Commissioned in January 2018, the system has a lifetime average of 96% BOD removal and 97% TSS removal. Odors are virtually non existent and effluent is either discharged directly to vineyard or to what was once the aeration pond as it serves more as a storage pond. 

Los Resultados

  • 96%
    Average BOD Removal
  • 97%
    Average TSS Removal
  • 10,000
    Design Flow (GPD)