Wise Villa Winery Lincoln, CA
El Problema

Wise Villa Winery, voted Golden State Winery of the year in 2015, is a family owned and operated winery and estate vineyard located in the Sierra Foothills of Placer County. Their grapes are grown using organic and sustainable practices and, during harvest, they triple sort and utilize whole berry cold fermentation. The fast growing winery had an existing wastewater system that was designed for its initial boutique needs but, as the winery and case count grew, Wise Villa knew that they would outpace their system quickly. 

With the goal to at least triple its production over the next few years, Wise Villa was on the hunt to find an affordable, effective, and scalable solution for their wastewater needs. They analyzed septic, MBRs, and aeration technologies but all required a lot of land, chemicals, and intensive energy usage. And scalability posed an issue, as Wise Villa preferred as solution that they could phase in over time rather than have to over/under size in initial installation. 

La Solución BioFiltro

Wise Villa met BioFiltro at Unified, where they heard about our worm powered container unit. The 20' customized shipping container consists of two floors and each floor holds a layer of wood shavings, geotextiles, and drainage basins. Water from the winery flows via gravity down the hill and is pumped into our upstream equalization tank. From there, an automated irrigation system pumps the water to the unit and evenly distributes between the two floors. As water percolates down the wood shavings, worms and microbes capture and convert the contaminants into worm castings, a microbial rich soil amendment. Within four hours, up to 99% of contaminants have been removed and the water can be used for irrigation without risk of damaging the lines, vines, or land.

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Los Resultados

The system was installed in Fall 2019