Papawai Dairy Southland, New Zealand
El Problema

Papawi is a 560 cow dairy farm on the South Island of New Zealand. When the current owners acquired the facility, the pre-existing effluent system limited production growth and would not have met new environmental regulations. Not wanting to install a multimillion gallon lagoon for the traditional 90 day storage process, Papawi elected to go with BioFiltro for its relatively small footprint, nominal operational costs, and scalability. 

La Solución BioFiltro

BioFiltro installed a weeping wall for primary solids separation and a 1,600 square feet BIDA® System which produces high quality effluent that is used to irrigate fodder crop. 

Los Resultados
  • < 50 mg/L
    Effluent BOD
  • < 50 mg/L
    Effluent TSS
  • <1000
    /100 ml Effluent Fecal Coliformes
I really like the cleanliness and the small footprint... I'm very confident about it and I think it's the way of the future.
Dallas Lucas, Owner, Papawai Partnership