Bavaria Buin, Chile
El Problema

Family owned company founded in 1964 by German immigrant couple. The company provides high quality meat products to its chain of restaurants, cafes, and retail points throughout Chile. Bavaria had a US$ 1M biological wastewater treatment system that consisted of a DAF, bio disc, and bacteria. Annual operating expenditure alone was in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, the system was complex to operate, and did not produce water quality results that met permit requirements. Bavaria spent approximately US$ 50,000 each year to remove and dispose of sludge from the treatment plant.

La Solución BioFiltro

BioFiltro treats 100% of the wastewater from Bavaria and its effluent is used to irrigate approximately 70 acres of oranges and mandarins which are then sold for export. The BioFiltro receives the wastewater from the slaughter, packing, and rendering process. Unit cost of wastewater treatment per gallon treated with BioFiltro is 76% less than previous technology.

Los Resultados
  • 70 mg/L
    Average BOD in BIDA® Effluent
  • 70 mg/L
    Average TSS in BIDA® Effluent
  • 7 mg/L
    Average Oil & Grease in BIDA® Effluent