Capital Growth Needs

BioFiltro has a proven track record of success: cleaning 5.7 billion gallons of water last year; sales of 80,000 tons of carbon credits to some of the most important agricultural companies on Earth; developing an IPCC – certified formula for vermifiltration that not only avoids methane in large operations, but returns carbon, nitrogen, and other soil amendments to best use for plant and soil health.   

Our system transforms wastewater into a regenerative catalyst of climate smart solutions.  We have a pipeline of large agricultural deals that will 3 x our footprint and 10x our carbon credits if we can build the projects requested of us in 2022.

We need financial help to achieve these ambitious goals. Your investment can come in any of the ways summarized below: debt, project financing, or equity financing.

BioFiltro will accept reasonable debt terms to fund the development of the projects under contract.  Our market success has provided consistent receivables enabling credit lines from our banking partner, Bank of the West.  But insufficient to build the projects we have lined up and want to deploy in 2022.

We are open to reasonable project financing terms, and have experience in this capitalization model.  Our 2022 CapEx needs provide significant ‘up side’ that debt doesn’t – if the price of carbon (or water or soil credits) were to go up beyond recent trends, IRR could achieve 10-28% returns for investors beyond initial terms.  BioFiltro has used Project Financing to service past projects, and has ‘bought back’ projects that were originally capitalized through this approach.

BioFiltro has 4 large dairy projects in the western USA ready to build . We have crafted an economic model to invest in each project separately, with BioFiltro installing and managing the project for its life. The investors – BioFiltro and its equity partners – realize the financial ‘up-side’ of the projects through carbon credit price increases; water credits; soil credits; and operational enhancements that increase profitability.  Investors can own a project as a sole owner, or partner with BioFiltro and a large dairy.  This financial model is ‘pen ready’ – we can be cleaning millions of water per day, achieving 50,000+ tons of GHG credits annually, and returning hundreds of thousands cubic yards of vermicompost to local soils immediately.

BioFiltro has Convertible Note terms with guaranteed discounts for investors who want to empower growth.  Invest into a Convertible Note and increase the value of your equity before the next round(s) of investment with a guaranteed discount.  

The Company is ambitious and wishes to expand quickly, so are looking for partners who can help finance this expansion. Globally. 

Empower the Circular Economy

Put your capital to use inspiring yourself and your community; making excellent returns on your investment; incentivizing industry best practices; and cleaning our planet.  Tell us a bit about yourself and we will follow up promptly.