these are the system layers
Bida System
Our patented Biodynamic Aerobic (BIDA®) System catalyzes the digestive power of worms and microbes to rapidly remove up to 99% of wastewater contaminants within four hours. In doing so, we produce high quality water which can be immediately reused for agricultural irrigation, discharged to the city at reduced fees, or disposed of over fewer acres to meet if not exceed nutrient management goals. We also generate worm castings which is a nutritious and valuable soil amendment utilized to improve crop yield, soil health, and carbon sequestration. Coupled with studies that show we reduce GHG emissions by 91% when compared to other wastewater treatment solutions, our worms make cents out of sustainability.


BioFiltro strives to receive and process wastewater as it is generated to reduce potential for odors and methane generation. Waterflows from the source point and, if necessary, through a solid separator before arriving to an equalization tank. Here, BioFiltro’s telemetry system monitors the water’s characteristics, adjusts pH if necessary, and triggers the intermittent irrigation batch process. The irrigation system evenly disperses