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June 2024

Greetings from BioFiltro! We’re wriggling with excitement for Summer and have news to share with our worm family.

BioFiltro News

New Publication

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Our very own Sabina Dore and Patrick Beckett co-authored a new academic publication about the application of BioFiltro’s vermicompost on an annual crop field and the impact to soil health. None of this would have been possible without Sabina’s hard work on the Healthy Soils grant from CDFA, supporting much of the field work and experiment design. This is one of the first studies of its kind where the vermicompost was derived from a vermifilter (not vermicomposting of solid waste) and used at such a large scale.   Check out the article: Vermifiltration and sustainable agriculture: unveiling the soil health-boosting potential of liquid waste vermicompost.

Brand Camp

This past April, our team’s leadership gathered for brand camp hosted by C.O.nxt. We laughed, sang, and finished the day with wine tasting hosted by Great Bear Vineyards. Brand camp was enjoyable and informative, as we examined our business development and how we see BioFiltro growing. The camp helped us discuss our different thoughts and we came out of the experience more aligned than ever. We are looking forward to a long and successful partnership with C.O. nxt! 

Recent Events

Show Season

During the 2024 show season, our team has been overjoyed to attend numerous events including summits, symposiums, and conferences. Thank you to all the companies who set up these engaging events, as well as their sponsors. Our team enjoyed attending Unified, Oregon Wine Symposium, World Ag, TX Hill County Wine Symposium, TWGGA, High Plains Dairy Conference, NCWA’s Annual Meeting, CA Dairy Sustainability Summit, WiVi Central Coast, and US Sustainable Winegrowing Summit. We cannot wait to find out what the next show season has in store for us!

Earth Day Events

This year we celebrated Earth Day multiple times through different and fun Earth Day events! The team participated in Earth Day events hosted by Michael Ros Winery, Wise Villa Winery, and Peltier Winery, as well as the Whole Earth Festival at UC Davis. Earth Day is important because it is a day to honor our beautiful planet and bring awareness to environmental steps we can take to be more sustainable. We need to continue to take steps towards caring for our water and soil on this earth, as well as reducing our GHG emissions. At BioFiltro, we celebrate and honor the Earth everyday by creating a wastewater system regenerative by nature. Our patented BIDA system harnesses the power of worms to remove wastewater contaminants to produce high quality water, while creating worm castings to increase the health of soil. Our sustainable systems are designed with the Earth in mind!

Check It Out

We are honored to have our worm farm tour at Peltier Winery after the US Sustainable Winegrowing Summit featured in Wine Business Monthly. BioFiltro Worm-Powered Wastewater Treatment, Peltier Winery Tour Highlights Benefits ( 

On Our Calendar

Our offices will be close on Juneteenth (6/19) and the Fourth of July (7/4).


We had a wonderful show season this year and we are excited to add more events on to our calendar in the upcoming months. Stay updated on our future events through LinkedIn, Instagram, and our newsletters!

Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we look forward to continuing to serve you with our worm-powered wastewater solutions. 

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